What is foodShare

Community Benefits

  • foodSHARE is the largest food recovery program operated by a food bank in Western Canada.
  • Over 11 million pounds diverted from the landfill since the program started in 2007 and delivered to 7,000 clients, 60 community agencies that make meals and 6 farmers who use expired product for animal feed. This initiative is zero waste.
  • Healthy product including meat, dairy, produce and bakery items are available to our clients weekly.

  • Provide nutritious perishable food to our community’s most needy
  • Encourage meaningful community engagement
  • Create strong community relationships
  • Highlight leadership in or business community
  • Provide healthy animal feed
  • Create awareness of hunger and need in our community
  • Minimize waste in the landfill

45% – 7,000 clients on-site

25% – delivered 60 agencies and schools in Kamloops that provide meals

30% – provided to 6 local farmers for animal feed

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