Streamline: A Great Example of Corporate Social Responsability

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We are very appreciative of the offer from Streamline Transportation Technologies Inc. to provide the Food Bank with the Streamline Transportation Technology that will contribute to our efficiencies and community impact.  We initially were unsure what to expect at the start of the process but the entire team at Streamline has been incredible supportive, knowledgeable and efficient in setting up our fleet.  Thank you to the entire team,  the initial set up support and training has been seamless.

Thank-you so very much for choosing to share this state of the art technology with the Kamloops Food Bank. We depend on our community to feed 7000 individuals and 45 community agencies along with 9 regional food banks in the surrounding area. We distribute nearly 3 million pounds of food yearly which would be an impossible feat without the generosity of people and businesses like Streamline Transportation Technologies Inc. We can now identify areas that we can improve our efficiencies and we are delighted to have the proper equipment to do just that.

Thank you!

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